Dublin International Piano Festival & Summer Academy | Caitlin Osborn | 2016 Student Participant

Caitlin Osborn - USA

Caitlin Osborn, piano
Caitlin Osborn is pursuing a Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance and Music Education at Temple University with studies under Mikhail Yanovitsky. At the age of fifteen, she started studying the piano with Erikson Rojas with intention to enter a music degree program and continued until her acceptance to Temple University. She has since participated in private lessons and masterclasses with Lambert Orkis, Charles Abramovic, Sara Davis Buechner, and Karina Bruk. She has performed and iven concerts across the United States; as well as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, and the Czech Republic.
Age: 20

Temple University

Erikson Rojas
Charles Abramovic
Lambert Orkis
Karina Bruk
Mikhail Yanovitsky

CHOPIN Ballade No. 3
CHOPIN Etude Op. 10 No. 10

HINDEMITH Piano Sonata No. 2

BARTOK Sonata Sz. 80

BACH Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue

BEETHOVEN Sonata Op. 28 & 14