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Dr Jaime Diaz-Ocejo, Performance Psychologist

Jaime Diaz-Ocejo Performance Psychologist
Jaime is a Chartered Psychologist by the British Psychological Society (BPS) with over fifteen years of experience in the field of performance psychology. As a former pole-vaulter, he was preselected for the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992. Jaime has worked as a performance psychologist with international level athletes in a variety of sports (i.e. BMW-Sauber Formula 1 team, Moto GP, Andalusian Federation in Athletics in Spain, golf, tennis, football and combat sports). Jaime has been a Sport Psychologist at ASPIRE Academy in the state of Qatar since 2008. His role is to deliver performance psychology services to young aspiring athletes, which encompasses psychological assessment, mental training and hands-on applied work at the Academy and during training camps abroad. Since 2013, Jaime has delivered performance psychology seminars to promising pianists from around the world at the Dublin International Piano Festival and Summer Academy. The focus of his work with pianists has been around managing stage fright, mental training and identifying/developing key psychological characteristics to achieve excellence in music.

As Michael Dervan puts it ‘Jaime Diaz-Ocejo’s seminars in Dublin about student-performance profiling and performing under pressure prove fascinating’ (The Irish Times, August 6th, 2014). Jaime holds a BSc in Physical Education at Montclair State College, USA (1993), a BSc in Sport Science at the University of Granada, Spain (1997), a MSc in Sport Psychology at UNED University, Spain (2000), a PhD. in Sport Psychology at the University of Malaga, Spain (2006) and a BSc in Psychology at the Open University, UK (2013). His research interest focuses on mental training and critical aspects for developing excellence in performance environments.