Dublin International Piano Festival & Summer Academy | Hristina Veljanoska | 2017 Student Participant

Hristina Veljanoska - Macedonia

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An accomplished young pianist, Hristina Veljanoska has captured audience with sensitive musicality, colorful tones and emotional depth in her music since early years. Throughout the years, Hristina has won numerous state, national and international competitions among which the 1st prize at the 'Pietro Argento' piano competition in Italy and has had performances across Europe.
She has taken part in music festivals and seminars such as the Classical Music Festival held in Eisenstadt, Austria where she has performed at the prestigious Estherhazy palace and the Austrian International Piano Seminar held in Ebenfurth, Austria as well as has had piano master classes with outstanding pianists among which Alan Chow (America), Peter Friis Johansson (Sweden), Adam Wibrowski (Poland) and William Wellborn (America). Hristina was especially honored by the invitation from the Spanish Ambassador in Macedonia to perform at a day dedicated to Spanish music at the Embassy. This spring, Hristina completed her master's degree in piano performance at the Malmö Academy of Music, part of Lund University, in Sweden.

AGE: 23

Malmo Academy of Music, Lund University

Nina Kostova Janevska
Lyudmila Romanova
Hans Paisson

BRAHMS Op. 118, 6 Klavierstucke
LISZT Deuxieme Annee V; Sonetto 104 del Petrarca