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Martin Walsh, Piano Technician

Martin Walsh Piano Technician
Martin Walsh lives in Rathfarnham, county Dublin. He started playing the piano
at the age of 10 and studied in the College of Music. In 1992, after finishing his studies, he began working full-time in the piano business. He was employed by Pianos Plus for almost 10 years. During this period, Martin travelled to London, Germany and Japan to study with Steinway and Kawai piano manufacturers. During his time in the factories and workshops, he was employed as a piano technician. His tasks included tuning, voicing, regulating and repairing of both new and second-hand grand and upright pianos. In 2001, and with 10-years experience, Martin set up his own piano tuning and servicing business. Martin specialises in tuning, voicing, regulating and repairing both new and old pianos. He works for many schools, colleges, piano shops, piano competitions, piano festivals, and private customers all over Ireland.

more information at www.martinwalshpianotuning.com

From the Irish Times August 7th, 2013

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Piano technician Martin Walsh is fully on the side of Hamburg Steinways over the New York-made version