Dublin International Piano Festival & Summer Academy | Elena Ramella Levis | Student Participant 2013

Elena Ramella Levis - Italy

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Elena began playing the piano at a young age, rapidly excelling at her craft and receiving many honors. In 2010, Elena started her career as a concert performer, and in 2011, Elena attended a piano Masterclass of Music Interpretation with pianist Rocco de Vitto. With a progressively elegant and refined performance of some of Debussy’s Preludes, she was able to win the special “Paroni-Sterbini” prize. Last year, Elena gave an inauguration concert of “Claude Debussy” for the Claude Debussy Association, of which she is president. Additionally, in 2012, Elena gave a prestigious recital at Palazzo Doria Pamphilij in Rome, in cooperation with ‘Roma Opera Omnia’ Association. This year, at the mere age of 19, she held a music conference about Debussy and his musical innovations at Villa Borromeo in Milan. After achieving the first place entrance ranking, Elena enrolled in the Trennial course degree program at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, where she is currently attending classes.
AGE: 19

Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, Roma

Rocco de Vitto

DEBUSSY Etude Pour les arpèges composes,
BEETHOVEN Piano Sonata in D Minor 'Tempest', op. 31, no. 2
CHOPIN Scherzo in B flat Minor, op. 31