Dublin International Piano Festival & Summer Academy | Pablo Álvarez Delgado | 2015 Student Participant

Pablo Alvarez Delgado - Spain

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Born in Madrid, Spain, he begins his studies in music and piano at the age of eight at the “Conservatorio Fernando Remacha” in city of Tudela de Navarra, in the north of Spain. In 2008, he moves to La Coruña (Galicia), and completes the music degree in piano performance under the tutelage of Giselle Grau at the Conservatorio de Música de La Coruña, where he finishes with the highest qualifications.

After that, he leaves Galicia and he moves to Barcelona (Cataluña) where he completes the Master in Pianoforte, Musicology and Early Music Performance, at the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña (Esmuc) and Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Uab) submitting a proyect of research and performance about Franz Liszt and his technique, under the supervision of Rubén López Cano and Arthur Schoonderboerg. During his course in Barcelona, he obtains a place to study in London, in Trinity College of Music, where he has completed his second master in performance of piano under the guidance of Elena Riu,

He has also received during all his years many lessons and master classes with some of the best international prestigious and reconized teachers, pianists and musicologists, such as José Ramón Méndez, Alexander Kandelaki, Andrés Alén, Costantin Sandu, Laura Cattaneo, Katia Veekmans, Luca Chiantore, Rolf Bäcker, Paul Poletti, Pedro Memelssdorf, Juan Carlos Asensio, Emilio Moreno, Marc Heilbron, Javier Artigas, Paco Rubio, Xavier Díaz and Josep Borrás.

He has been awarded with different prizes and rewards like the first prize of the Premier Challenge Cup, in the North London Festival, “Honor prize Excellence” by the foundation “Paideia Galicia” (Spain), or the prize “Fernando Remacha”, in Navarra (also in Spain).He has performed regularly a lot of concerts and recitals showing a big experience as soloist and accompanist, besides taking part in chamber music ensembles, orchestras and choirs, as pianist and fortepianist in many cities and areas of Europe, mostly in England and Spain, performing different styles and the most difficult technical pieces of composers of classical and early music. He has also performed as accompanist for the choir of the Sporting Club Casino, in La Coruña (Spain), and the Baroque Orchestra at the Conservatorio Superior de Música, also in La Coruña. Further, he has carried out recordings in cd for the production company “Mans” (Spain), publishing them in different places and establishments, recording pieces of high level and technic of Chopin and Liszt in the classical repertory, and Sculthorpe in the modern.

Currently, he continues performing regularly recitals and piano concerts as soloist in different cities and places of Europe, continuing at the same time his studies of postgraduate in Trinity College of Music. Further, he belongs to the prestigious organization Goodenough College of London, where he´s one of the regular pianists offering also different recitals and participating in multiple events.
AGE: 24

Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance

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LISZT Ballade no. 2
LISZT Trancedental Etude no. 7 ‘Eroica’
FALLA Fantasia Baetica