27 July 2017 at 8pm | Francesco Tristano, piano | 'Piano 2.0'

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“Music is music” - is how Alban Berg responded to George Gershwin in Paris during the spring of 1928, as to why there was no distinction between what we consider “educated” music and “popular” music. Sony recording artist, Francesco Tristano has endorsed this quote over the last decade with his work. Performing in Dublin for the first time, Tristano has mastered the combining of piano and synthesizer, amongst the scores of Johann Sebastian Bach, Frescobaldi, Rameau and others with the latest production and sequencing tools. Music is music regardless of its style; electronic or baroque, dance or avant-garde. Piano 2.0 is an energising synthesis of both languages - pianistic virtuosity and mind-blowing electronic textures.

8:00PM National Concert Hall
John Field Room

An unmissable show for fans of both classical and electronic music, Piano 2.0 is an energetic culmination of one artist’s obsession and virtuosity, that is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this year’s festival.
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TRISTANO Hello (2007)  FRESCOBALDI Toccata IV - Toccata XI - Toccata VIII, Second Book (1627) BACH French Suite n.2 in C minor, BWV 813 TRISTANO Nach Wasser Noch Erde (2007) RAMEAU Ouverture from Castor et Pollux TRISTANO Rameau Reload (2015) Eastern Market (2010) Dminorloop (2014) The Melody (2007) Ground Bass (Chaconne) (1996/97 rev. 2004)